Fields of coin

Its quite humbling for me to even post an image this evening. You see, as Photoshop World comes to a close tomorrow here in Boston, that means that this evening played host to the incredible gathering that is known as “The Art of Digital Photography”. All in one room….all on one stage….the most diverse and creative group of photographers and digital artist of today were there to showcase their work. The elite group consisted of Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Vincent Versace, John Paul Caponigro, Jim Divitale, Joe Glyda, and Jay Maisel. The insightful words of encouragement from these creative artists as well as the immense body of art and images that they shared was yet another reminder of why I possess such an interest in this art. Thanks for the inspiration guys!

Now, as far as this image, well……haha…

This is what I remember about when I captured it….

We were working on an event in Vero Beach at the time. While hanging out with Drew and the video crew backstage in the tent, I noticed a guy scanning this HUGE field with a metal detector. For some strange reason, this type of actvity has always bothered me. I then proceeded to tell the crew about something I have always wanted to do. Cut to the next scene, there I am running off to the car to grab a handful of change (pennys and nickles….alot of them!) I then walked into the field, about 50 yards from the poor chap, made sure he wasn’t looking,and…… FLING. Fields of coin!

HEHEHE……sorry….always wanted to do that. The 30 minutes of laughter from the crew was certainly well worth the change!

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