Final thoughts from an interesting 2011

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Alright 2011……you’ve overstayed your welcome and its time we say goodbye. Its time to bring in a new fresh year, a year of exciting opportunities, change, and growth for all of humanity. I can feel it, can you? 2012, here we go 🙂

So although this is first and foremost, a photography blog, or HDR imaging blog, or a sort of travel photo blog, or personal dumping ground for evening rambles (what exactly is it Mike?)…..I sometimes like to get a bit off topic. Tonight might be one of those nights.

First off, thanks for stopping by! I know I have been a little bit (a little bit?) lazy in the posts lately, but such is life here in the South Florida season. As many of you might know, my time spent for most of the year revolves around illuminating special events with my company HyLite Productions. You may have seen a few posts from time to time (check out the HyLite Productions category on the side bar). After almost 4 years at this blog however, I realize that its here where I tend to escape. A place to share my art and my light, without the limitations and challenges that are always present on the event sight. Sure I promote and share our work from time to time, but for me, this blog is really more of a way for me to share how I see the world. Actually, I’m all over the map here…..updates from events, travel images, HDR photo tips, personal rants, software tips. Probably not the best practice for a blogger, but if you are still here…..I’m sure you don’t mind (do you?)

So, while we are rambling, lets get WAY off topic here…..

2012…what does it mean to you? There seems to be an amazing energy present don’t ya think?

Is this going to be the beginning of an age of enlightenment? We are about ready for a new age to be ushered in it seems.

I personally feel that great change is coming. Nutrition, education, energy, community, the economy…..opportunities a plenty for refinement, change, and growth in ALL of these areas. Lets make it happen shall we? What are you ready to change? Let’s go!


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