Floralis Gene’rica

The Floralis Generica is one of the most recognizable images of Buenos Aires. Located in the Plaza Naciones Unidas (United Nations Plaza), this huge metal sculpture symbolizes all of the flowers of the world. During a 20 minute process each night, this structure closes its 6 petals mimicking the actual movement of a real flower. Similar to the controversy and acceptance of the Eiffel Tour in France, the locals have had a mixed range of opinions regarding its appearance in this beautiful city.

I ran out to capture this after session yesterday. After a few captures, I wandered toward some church bells I heard in the distance. There was a really cool cathedral at the top of the hill that mass was in full swing at. At 11PM! The small sidewalks leading up to it were lined with local vendor stalls selling just about everything. It was such a barrage of color, sound, and smell! As I walked through the city, the locals were celebrating the victory of the local regional soccer team. It was really cool to see entire families stopping at bridges and over passes only to get out with their flags to wave for the teams support. As countless cars passed by and honked, I tried to capture the energy of this celebration both in camera and in person.

Enjoy! 🙂

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