Fountaineblea event – just before doors

In my world of events and the illumination of them, my part is varied. For most events, especially in South Florida, we provide everything…design, equipment, labor, delivery…..the whole enchilada. We do this quite flawlessly I am proud to say. This has always worked out well….a full lighting “toybox” to play with with a great support crew.

For this event, however, we were chosen as mainly design and direction of the final evenings festivities. I worked closely with another production company to over see the design of the general session rig as to incorporate as much as we would need for our final night. I enjoy this challenge and “out of the safety box” experience. It’s also nice to just design and direct and as a result, wear a few less hats!

Faux backstage entrance
The entrance to the event was classic Bruce Sutka design……wow them as soon as they walk in. The challenge was how to create a “Backstage at the latin dinner show” experience in a ballroom. Here we are, just outside of the faux backstage entrance.
Backstage vignette - stage managers station

Before the show vignette

We used various up lights and task lights to accomplish a low key and colorful look. The fresnel stage lights with barn doors on stands helped to sell the “backstage” feel. Chris’s great idea of placing battery operated low profile flashlights inside them enabled us to have a slight glow in each high powered stage light. A very “Disney” approach and a great idea as the powerer was kinda limited.

As the guests were walking in
All servers were at attention as the guests arrived. Just after I took this, I started to plan my move to sneak a plate!

Casual seating area
Another signature “Bruce Sutka” effect is to create these really cool seating areas within the room. Here is a shot of one of those hip hang out areas.

When it all comes down

One of the few things the privileged guests never see is the condition of the room just an hour from the event. Soon after this was taken, the room was magically transformed to its original condition. Just another day in the event world!
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