Freedom of speech at the Democratic Convention – Iphone capture

I haven’t had a lot of time to creatively capture any images and paint in photoshop as the first few days of any event are the toughest. Our first attempt on Sunday to get into the media tent we were managing found us right in the middle of a protest. I didn’t have any of my real camera gear with me as I didn’t know what the security clearance was going to be like. So out came the Iphone! It was aggravating to be delayed but at the same time invigorating to witness. The police presence might have been a little overkill….all right, WAY overkill. I think they were expecting a lot more people from what I have heard in the reports. Regardless of your views, you can’t argue that it is great to live in a country that respects your right to express and present those views!

On a side note…..when did my head get so big? I am of course referring to the last picture here. Geeeez! How do you loose a few pounds in the face? My God!

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