From backstage

Well, day one is just about complete. Well, lets call it 2 days in one shall we. A show like this takes every bit of 2 days, but, well, here we are once again…..trying to cram it into the allotted 1 day load in. Fun…….

The first day of this show, the load in, is equivalent to a 20 hour root canal….with out the Novocain. For some reason, no matter how many hundreds of man hours are put into the prep, this one off setup always has me leaving the venue at well after midnight the first day. And of course, this year was no exception.

Sarah at the rack
Here’s a shot of Chris and Sarah setting up their immaculate dimmer beach. All cables pre labeled and ready for power! Nice work 🙂

Goofballs backstage

And of course, Mike getting in the way.

Racks and cable
Although it looks a little chaotic at times, there is quite a method to the madness.
Back stage left

With just about everything to trim, the crew starts to carpet the stage….
More to follow over the next few days. Its late, and I’m outta here!
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