From the balcony in Key West

From the balcony in Key West, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

So, I am looking forward to catching up on a front page story that our local newspaper ran today. I guess I am one of a handfull of people left that actually “ocassionally” reads a newspaper……a soon to be relic thats for sure. Aaaaaannyway….

As you might know, I took an extremely brief trip to Key West a few days ago for a good client. We had plans to photograph a few ad concepts but never really got around to that. It ended up as just a nice little getaway, something we can all use now and then 🙂 So, this shot was taken from my wrap around balcony at a hotel called “Southernmost on the Beach”……I highly recommend it by the way. As you can see, the iphone and the coffee are perched on the little table. I had to actually roll out of bed to take this one. If it wasn’t for the desk, I think I could have taken it FROM the bed. Maybe I’ll have to reaarange the furniture next time (hehehe!)

So, back to why I chose it this evening….

The front page story talks of what the Florida coast line is predicted to be like in the year 2099. I’ll only be about 135 then, so it does concern me a weeee bit. It appears that my little balcony here will, if their prediction and graphic is correct, be at water level! Yikes! Guess I’ll have to move up a floor or two then 🙂

More on this on a future post (and after I get a chance to digest the story)

Have a great week everyone….

(thats it, no more coastal investments for me…….)

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