From the Patio at the Oasis in Austin

Wow, could it actually be? It seems like I have been blogging for over 2 years now. Yes, over 2 years of random thoughts and verbal diarrhea. What on earth have I rambled on about for the better part of 25 months!

I must say though, my usual blog time (between 11PM and 2AM) has yet to find me in the sharpest of cerebral moments. A million times a day, I find myself saying to myself “oh, thats a brilliant perspective…I should blog about that”. These moments of course seem to get flushed out of the mind a couple of hours before I find myself in from of the keyboard attempting to recall a morsel of anything entertaining……and well, this is what ya get. LOL….just me, and rambling on about nothing…….

The image? Taken and processed during a workshop in Texas with the one and only…Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs. I loved those cool shadows raking themselves across the deck…very cool 🙂 …. ya like?

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weekend!

And of course, the video link below has not an ounce of reason to be here….other than this band rocks. If there is one performer I could see touring with, Jamie Cullum would have to be up in the top 5 for sure. This clip was from the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. Three days of some of the worlds best music. Enjoy!

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