“From the perspective of the lighting guy” – The Gentlemen of the Gardens Devils Night Party 2010

As promised, a little bit of a recap from a recent event we lit. I mention “we” alot but never refer to who that “we” is. Most of my time here in what we call the season of South Florida is spent illuminating events. I created a company called HyLite Productions about 25 years ago and have had the incredible opportunity to help create magic and ambiance for partys, meetings, and events with alot of very talented people. Check out the site for more info right here for a bit more to the story…..   (geeez, did I link to the site enough or what?!)

So, a bit more about the creative people.

If I’ve learned one thing in the past few years, its that you don’t get anywhere at all without other people. Whether it’s been a conscious move or not, I’ve really tried to align myself with creative and energetic people, mentors with a vision, and positive team members. I think we can all look back after a successful run at anything creative in life and credit a few good people for giving you a chance…and opportunity to live your talent and share your passion. My friend Kevin Clark is definitely one of those friends in my life. I can remember the days way back when he used to tirelessly set up these enormous rigs of audio, lighting, effects, and pyro (yes, pyro!) for my band. With his help, we definitely looked and sounded like ALOT more that we really were! Hahahaha, guess its always been about the show…, cause we were kinda lame, but thats a story for another blog altogether.

With that being said, when he approached me to help him with his event a couple of years ago, I couldn’t help but want to get involved. For the past 3 years, we have helped him create what is undoubtedly THE party to be at for Halloween here in West Palm Beach. Kinda like the inaugural kick off to the season.

As I had a few little technical glitches right before doors and actually DURING doors, I had to do a bit of scrambling instead of capturing the incredible scene we created here, so these will have to do for now.

I am told that there is a bit of video footage that I might see soon and be able to link to, so hopefully there will be a part 2 here.
Till then, thanks Kevin for your creative influence and also the opportunity you gave me at the start of my career. Also, a bit thanks to my crew for the many late night hours on the install and creation. I am but nothing without my team. Thanks 🙂

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