Getting back on schedule

Time to get back at this thing called blogging!

Its been said by many…..if you want to get better at something, just do it! (well, maybe not in those exact and poorly chosen words, but you get the idea).

I started this site a while back as a place to display my images, share tips, post about cool events I work on, inspire, collect my thoughts, but also to get a little better at writing. Hard to do that when you arent actually writing anything right? So to get back on track and as a way to self motivate myself, I have chosen the coming month of October as a personal challange of sorts… share a blog post everyday for the whole month. Shouldn’t be too hard as I posted every day for the first couple of years after I started this silliness!

I did this sort of “self assignment thing” before on my youtube channel with a 30 day VLOG challenge and an SSSVEDA challenge with a few other you tubers. Easier to stay accountable with a group, but I’m sure you all can keep me on track! I’ve had a few emails pop in lately telling me that my posts have been missed so here we go…..

The Daily Image – Into the Infrared Field

There is nothing better than fresh apple cider in season! While on a photo workshop with the one and only John Paul Caponigro (more on that in a few future posts), we stopped for a quick break at this orchard to taste the local beverage. After a few swigs of their amazingly fresh creation, I couldn’t resist exploring the area with my D200 that I retrofitted to capture infrared images. The harsh afternoon light grazing the trees seemed to be a good enough subject. I tweaked the grass a bit with a really cool and highly recommended plugin called Topaz.

If you are interested in this infrared kinda thing, the folks at LifePixel do a great job! It’ll bring new life to that older camera body you might have hanging around 🙂

Into the infrared field


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