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So one of the reasons I was excited to get back to my once a day blog schedule was to clear out the “ready to blog” folder that I have in Lightroom forcing myself to work on some new creations. This post will be a perfect example of that!


Last spring, I might have mentioned it here, I decided to take a quick photo trip with my daughter (who is ALSO a passionate photographer herself) up to Georgia, Savannah specifically, to capture a few images. We originally wanted to head to Texas to capture the Blue Bonnets, but the timing wasn’t exactly lining up well with her school break. So we worked out a plan B. Georgia, being out neighboring state sounded like a nice option. They say that Savannah was supposed to be in full bloom that week.

Not so much….

As our purpose was to capture a few spring flowers, and well, lets just say that it was kind of a bust. Not a flower, AT ALL, in sight…but sometime you just have to roll with it.

Oh, did I mention that it was St. Patricks Day….and there were like a couple million people in town for the parade?

Again, gotta roll with it…..


So not really feeling the vibe at all, I grabbed a few frames here and there….snapshots actually….to remind myself of the trip.

It wasn’t till I decided to take a few images into Topaz that I realized that I had a couple of cool shots. Topaz to the rescue!


These types of plugins and apps are exactly the reason why I like to keep my images. ALL of my images. Of course I delete the out of focus ones, accidental shutter fires, etc., but most of them are kept. You never know what amazing technology is around the corner that you might be able to use to enhance your work…..or at the very least, play with.

I am sure I will do a few videos on the product someday, but until then, check out more from Topaz here! I am pretty sure I was using the Impressions app. There is a link below 🙂

Have fun!


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