Grand Central Station and another quick tip video

What a great place to hang out and people watch!

Grand Central

As I sauntered into the Grand Central Terminal, I tried to play it cool as the mission was to quickly plant the tripod and capture a quick bracket sequence for HDR processing later, and then be on my way. Seems like an easy task, but not really…..

I have of course heard many times that this simple process of setting up to capture the ambiance of this amazing station with a basic tripod can be frowned upon, (all a part of living in post 9/11 I guess) but I was up for the challenge. For this trip, I had my little harmless little table top Really Right tripod with me, so a nice little ledge was all I needed. To my surprise, just up the stairs on the North side was an open air Apple store with an amazing and clear view of all the action! Now, all I needed to do was wander around like an interested customer just before a quick trip to the balcony. I clicked off a few brackets from a couple locations, browsed at a couple of iPads with a semi inquisitive look on my face, and then retreated to the main floor.

I am sure that as cool and sly as I thought I was, (I think I tripped down a stair or 2 just to put things in perspective!) I was being watched from at least a hundred cameras, but at least I got the shot 🙂

Next time, maybe I’ll look into getting a permit…

And for something COMPLETELY unrelated

I don’t think I shared this one with ya. Its from my quick tip Tuesday post on my Youtube channel but I never got around to sharing it with ya here.

Sometimes its the simple and subtle changes you make to your photos and images that take it to the next level. I share one of those processes here about how to whiten teeth in photoshop. (I told you it was completely different!) As always, there are several ways to do just about anything in photoshop as I am sure you will see here, but you this process is a pretty fundamental one that can be used for a variety of tweaks. Its a basic tip, but still worth a watch…..

So here it is, a quick tip Tuesday video…posted on a Saturday night….


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