Grape trucking

As I was maneuvering to get this shot I noticed some of the staff walking by out of the corner of my eye. I was without tripod and was laying down in the dry field just outside of another really cool winery trying to steady my camera for 5 quick bracketed exposures. As she was passing by, one of the girls yelled out “Hey, be careful down there….we kinda have a snake problem out here.” Yikes! Thats all it took for me to dust off and get back to the tasting!

I am still in San Francisco on a corporate gig at the Hyatt. As the presenter drones on at the podium during rehearsal, all of us tech staff are working with our laptops on other events, photoshopping, skyping, and just about anything other than really paying attention. Hey, it is a rehearsal day! Oops, video que coming up…..hold on…

Ok, I’m back. Its great to be working with this crew again. As always, we are treated to some incredible dinners with Rick. Had an incredible seafood dinner on Monday night. Here’s a link to Steve’s blog describing last nights Greek dinner.

I haven’t been out shooting since load-in as we have been in the ballroom most the time. Hope to get out sometime this week before I leave. As I type this, the crew is back in Florida prepping for our show in Greensboro, NC next week. Thanks guys! As you know, you are all a very crucial part of that event and I appreciate it.

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