Green beds of moss – Laguana Beach, CA

I meant to post this last night with a small gallery of images I am working on for my up and coming newsletter for my special event lighting company called HyLite. My intention was to post those images as a cool little gallery in the blog post but instead, I got SEVERELY sidetracked in html and wordpress plugin land trying to get it to work the way I wanted. When I say severely, I mean “stay up till past 2AM without moving from the computer in a hunched over, bloodshot eye, eventually nodding off at the keyboard” way. There comes a time, of course, when working this way, that you start to accomplish absolutely nothing at all. Thats where I was when I closed the laptop…..defeated, tattered, but somewhat optimistically determined.

Round 2 begins later tonight!

Anyway, here is one of the first images I captured from a little excursion in Cali a couple of weeks ago. I have alot more images to dig into! Something about this side of the country that keeps calling me back 🙂

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