Have camera…..will travel…..

As I sit back tonight, candles lit, green tea to my left, and flip through a pile of images in review of a recent trip out west, I can’t help but give thanks!

Over the course of the last 3 decades, I have been privileged to have been able to travel to some pretty cool places! As a lighting designer of special events, the base of my work is down here in South Florida. There have been, and continue to be some pretty amazing opportunities that take me out of the state (and sometimes the country!) to create. As a passionate traveler, I fully embrace that. In fact, I have no problem at all staying in, for example, the Four Season in Scottsdale (where I just was).

No problem at all….

This shot below or collage of shots was a few I grabbed from the walk from the casita (sounds better than room doesn’t it?) along the desert path to the ballroom. Having my collection of cameras with me is a must on these trips as there is always something to capture!

I hear these things are pretty painful to the touch. Glad I decided not to test that out 🙂

Cactus Grid

As I was there to in fact work (and not just to enjoy the comfort of that amazing room! ….. sorry, not rubbing that in (well, maybe a little)), I captured a few shots of what we were doing IN the ballroom. It was a pretty intimate show and although we were not able to rig any of the lights, I think it turnout pretty well!

As you know, I love shooting time lapses and am always experimenting with new toys to capture these with. I recently received a new Brino time lapse camera and decided to test it out on the load in here. I will blog a bit more about it later , but for the first time out, I am pretty pleased with the results. Its not as high def as the D800, but it did pretty well in low light…..and its super easy use (and really compact as well!)

Again, I’ll share a bit more about it soon, but until then, check out this video I created with it from our load in!

Or watch the video here!

Like I said, its always a treat (and honor) when a client trusts your eye and creativity enough to have you fly half way across the globe to be a part of the team. Thanks for that, all of you that continue to create those opportunities for me!!!

As always, I’ll bring my camera 🙂

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