Having a little taste in Beaune, France – The Patriache Cellars

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” – Andre Simon, Commonsense of Wine


Just before noon seemed like a good time to consider tasting a few samples of the local vine’ (is there ever a bad time really?). I had no idea what was about to great me as I circled a bit deeper into the cool cavernous depths of this delicious tasting venue however. These kinda places tend to get a bit crowded at times, but I was in luck as the heavy tourist season was just ending. Several rooms of candle lit stone, a few wooden barrels, and open bottles of the local vintage ready for the tasting. Here we go!

After a few sips (alright….several!), a few clicks with the camera (a tripod friendly place too!), and a little exploring of sorts, it was time to sample some of the better wines.

I guess that shipment that arrived in the states a month after this visit (long since finished of course) is one of the reasons I am still on the mailing list. Just received the latest mailing the other day actually. Figured it was time to revisit the file of images to see what I could create.


As the scene is a sort of grungy one, I decided to double process it. Works well for this kinda place I think. For my HDR friends, you should try that sometime. Right after your initial pass with photomatix’s tonemapping, just hit tonemap again for a “grittier” look. Of course, you can always tone it down.

As far as my fellow wine tasting friends, if you happen to be wandering thru this area of France, check this place out. You can get a better flavor from the site right here (and some cool photography too!)

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