Hey, there’a a cave! – Somewhere along the California Coast (and a link to another video from the location)

“One main factor in the upward trend of animal life has been the power of wandering.” – Alfred North Whitehead

After spending a few days painting a few lumens on the events for Maybelline, it was time to head off to do a bit of wandering for myself. For me, its the fuel that keeps me going. I’ve never been one who excels at the rigidity of work structure…..you know, the normal schedule…9 to 5 or whatever it is. I tend to set my own hours. As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, its always worked for me. The nearest I get to these shackles of rigidity has to be working the actual event itself. I mean, in all fairness, the party, meeting, or celebration we are lighting has a start time. Not being ready for that can be a bit embarrasing. Nothing like having the guests walk into the space in the middle of a setup right?! Hey, thats an idea, what about having the guests help set up the event?

Good grief, what am I rambling about…..

Anyway, taking the time to unwind and get back on my own schedule is always a great way to wrap up a project for me. Althought I only took about 2 days and covered what I believe was about 2,000 miles, I did note a few locations I hope to get back to soon. I stumbled into this cool location just North of Pismo Beach in California after exploring the Big Sur region just to the North. I’ve got quite a few images and video clips to work on from this magical area, so keep checking back!

I know I have a few different types of readers to this blog from my special event friends to photo enthousiests to fellow HDR fans. Thank you all for reading by the way! I tend to hop around a bit in what I am blogging about, and I am sure that will never change…..at least on this site. I’m working on another site, or at least the initial workings of it though. I’ll keep you posted here on that too…very soon 🙂

So, I put together another cool little video. There’s a link below. This was a really cool location, and one to demonstrate the power of HDR processing and of course, the refining process in post. Besides the fact that I’m a complete dork of sorts, let me know what you think.

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