Iceland – Landscapes forever!

My evening scan of images has me a bit in a reflective state. I guess the usual punch of color and screaming detail I usually present via HDR can take a back seat for a night or 2.

Iceland, wow…

I was chatting a bit with a long time client and friend today about our awesome opportunity to make it over there last year. For me, anytime I get a chance to actually leave the country is in essence, a license to unplug from any real responsibility. I guess I have a bit of a split personality. Although I am an entrepreneur and need to be running my own ship for most of the time, it sure is nice to jump of the gang plank and abandon ship. I can remember bumbling about Europe a few years ago during one of my first trips over there. Just before leaving, I let Carl (the guy I left in charge) know that I would check in often. Well, 3 weeks later, I finally got around to checking in. I kinda miss those days without internet and cel phone. Kinda hard to REALLY escape these days. There’s must be some place thats virtually unreachable on this planet. Guess I gotta do a little more work finding that place perhaps….LOL!

Ah yes, the feeling of wanderlust….

The images below were from just one of those kinda trips. Unplugged, exploring, and loving it in Iceland!

Iceland - Solitude in isolation

Iceland - Icelanic beauty

Iceland - Barn and Boat

Iceland - All right, where am I

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