Icelandic church – day time capture with a nightime look

This creative path of mine has been, well, a diversion. An opportunity to play with my love of light in the off hours I guess. One of the greatest things about diving into any creative endeavor is the opportunity to express a vision and have fun in the process. This image, as you might notice, is not typical of my normal style. When driving on a little “searching for light” trip through Iceland just outside of Reykjavik, this little church caught my attention. I swerved off road a bit and took my rental car down a path that….well, let’s just say…it wasn’t designed for. What caught my attention in the first place was this incredible light beaming out of a crack in the overcast sky as if to pull it up into the heavens. After carefully positioning myself down hill with the light up and camera left, I clicked off a few exposures. One point of interest, this image was captured in the late afternoon in full light! Of course, my original capture looked NOTHING like this, but I was able to portray the mood I felt in post processing. For me, sometimes thats when the real magic is created.

One more thing, as I mentioned the other day, I am trying to add a little code as I post for these pictures. If you click on them, you should be able to view larger and with more detail. Enjoy 🙂

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