I’m outta here!

Well, I am at a much happier place than I was not an hour ago (maybe the airport margarita has something to do with it). How I cruised through the TSA check point with my 8 day old beard scrubble and my one ticket purchased today without as much as a second glance from the agent is beyond me. The last time I flew one way, I was pleasantly directed to a very “special line”. “Yes Mister Steighner, please wait here while I grab a fresh new pair of surgical gloves.” I guess that call to USair to change my flight last week was the equivalentof talking to a newspaper vendor at a train station in Mombai, cause, my flight confirmation was all boshed up. She said it was a nice day in India, I guess she just forgot to follow through on my reservation change. Aaaahh, outsourcing…thats working out great isnt it? Well, my flights about to board…..my $400 flight purchased today I might add. Enjoy these images. 🙂

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