Images from an event – this one being NACDS – Part 1

Its been a little while since I did a post from a show, so, here we go! After just working on 2 successful events this weekend, I guess I’m in the mood. In continuation to last nights post, I am gonna show a few images from an event we did at the Breakers in April. The NACDS (International Chain Drug Store) event is actually a week long convention that annually brings a lot to the local economy. According to their website, The NACDS Annual Meeting is their industry’s most influential, strategically oriented event. More than 2,000 business leaders including Chairmen, CEOs, Presidents, and Senior Vice Presidents from drug, food, mass, and specialty retailing companies and their supplier counterparts will gather in Palm Beach to share their vision, discuss strategic issues, and explore future opportunities for success. Our involvement varies from year to year. In years past, we have worked on events for Revlon and Gillette, but this year, as we have for about 20 years, we were happy to be working with L’oreal Paris again. Michael Ereshena has always found a creative way to tie in the “French” theme. In years past, regions such as the Riviera, The Loire Valley, and Normandy have inspired his designs, but for this year, French Films became the basis for the decor.

NACDS detail 3
In this crazy and unpredictable world of events, it is still the relationship that I appreciate the most. Being able to say that you have worked with a client for over 20 years is quite powerful. Sure it can get a bit stressful at time….all right, alot of the time….but in this fast paced business, it is always rewarding to look back at what you created and say with pride “Hey, I was part of that!”

NACDS detail 2

I all fairness, we are just a small part of this equation…..albeit a pretty important part. The real magic starts with the initial decor design and especially in Michael Ereshena’s events…the flowers. His link is here: 

NACDS detail 1
For me, personally, the best part about his events is the fact that his army of crew always finishes WELL ahead of schedule. This give me a great deal of to wander about the space looking for details to capture.

NACDS detail 6

NACDS detail 5
As to avoid the various setup crew, wait staff, and my own crew, the first lense I usually try out is the macro or a 50mm 1.8. I love to isolate these little oasis’s of detail and color. Lately, I kinda take pride in knowing that even the most discerning guest is most likely not going to see these little worlds of wonder in the way that my eyes are used to seeing them. You know, its funny, after over 20 years….you think I might be jaded. I guess I was for a little while there, but within the last 2 years, my camera has kinda pulled me back into this world of art 🙂

Cherry blossum detail 2
As I start to pull out of the exploring the close-up world, its time to start capturing the big picture. Of course, that hardest part is avoiding the countless scurrying staff as they go about meticulously straightening flatware, filling water glasses, and straightening chairs. At times, its hard not to scream out “All right already! It looks fine… get out of my shot!!!” I then calm myself down when I realize that there are many other departments just as important as mine, so I continue to operate stealth-like.

Another Room image
The event was held in one of my favorite rooms in the hotel, The Circle Dining Room. Just about the most European feeling room I can think of here in Palm Beach. Although a bit of a challenge for us to load into, the details in this room are just amazing. If in town for a visit, this is a great place to catch a brunch on Sunday morning or perhaps lunch during the week. A link to their website (which is pretty cool I might add) is here:

More of the chill out area
Raised seating areas, a signature Michael Ereshena look, provided little casual areas to get away and talk with business associates and collegues.
From the balcony
From the balcony, I was able to capture a bit of this incredible ceiling detail. I have a few more from the event to post, so check back tomorrow for more from this event. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
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