Images from the NFL owners party – part 1

A couple of weeks ago, we were privileged to be able to provide the lighting for the NFL owners party during the week of the Superbowl in Tampa. On the way to meet the crew and begin our load in, I just had to stop and look behind me as this scene was unfolding in the Florida sky. Below are a few images that I captured of the room, details, and show. Enjoy 🙂

Before the gear arrived
As the doors of the truck were being cracked and the crew was assembling, I raced up to the ballroom to get a “before shot.” Its always pretty amazing to see first hand what a little decor and lighting can do to transform a space. I wanted to capture this “before” shot of the room before we came barreling in. This is always an uneasy time for me personally. Double questioning my design, trying to stay on budget with labor, wondering if I forgot to order a critical piece of gear, knowing you have a long and exhausting day ahead….all this mixed together can drive ya a bit mad!

View from the table
As you can see, even with all that stress, the rewards are quite worth it.
Centerpiece detail

I had a couple of hours before doors to capture al kind of details. I have been lighting Michael Ereshena’s events for about 20 years. One thing you can always count on with him is attention to detail. I thrive on the synergy that happens between artistic and creative talent like his and ours. It is quite nice to work with clients that appreciate and understand the importance of great lighting in these environments.

Floral decor in cocktails

More details from cocktails
There is one more thing you can always count on with Michael, and that is his ability to finish his setup well ahead of schedule, giving us plenty of time to finish our lighting focus. (and of course, give me plenty of time with the camera!)
Piano Sillouette
The stage was preset for the evenings name entertainment. We have worked with Tony Bennett a couple of times before, and like always, he gave a stellar performance. I’ll post a few images from his show tomorrow.
Another from out front

Taken just before the wait staff swarmed the place to layout the flatware.

From stageleft

Taken from the stage left area, the design included a few “chill out” areas to talk, enjoy the ambience, and watch the show.
More images to follow tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
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