Images from the NFL owners party – part 2

As promised, as a followup to yesterdays post, I have a few more images from an event we did a couple of weeks ago right before the Superbowl in Tampa. Above is a little more of the flavor from the cocktail area. Cold weather at the last minute (yes, we do get a little of that in South Florida) forced a redesign of the cocktail lighting and decor from the original outdoor area by the water to the foyer outside of the ballroom

Hanging decor detail

Bokek from the unknown

Wall treatment detail
Details, details, details…..

I seem to get lost traversing the room when there is enough time looking for different angles, focus points, colors, and subjects.

A fragrant centerpiece

More table detail
These 2 shots are an example of when I really like to use HDR techniques. Since we pin light the centerpieces, they always tend to be about 4 to 5 stops brighter than anything else in the room. Metering for these over lit and overly bright areas can render the rest of the room in black. On the contrary, if I expose for the rest of the room, these floral and centerpiece details will be total blown out or too bright. These scenes are a perfect candidate for my HDR techniques. Of course, when I process, I tend to tweak it a little to kind of give it a slight “illustrative” and crisp look. Some like it, others cringe. Hey, can’t please everyone right?
Tony Bennett 3

Tony Bennett 2

Tony Bennett 4

Tony Bennett 1

For the nights entertainment, master vocalist extraordinary Tony Bennett entertained the team owners and their guests. I shot these with my 70 to 200 from out front at the lighting console. Vance the tour manager ran the lights and the presets from the console as we set it up for him. I was just there in case he needed anything. Quite an easy guy to work with he was. He trusted us to layout a nice plot for him, focus the rig, and layout the console subs. Thanks for being a real pro Vance and trusting me. I hope to cross paths again!
Well, hope you enjoyed the little tour of this event as seen thru my eyes. I have a couple more events to post in the coming weeks. I started this season with the goal of capturing every event. Kinda hard when I can’t BE at every event. I missed a few good ones while on other shows. Well, I had a good intention anyway. Missed a few, but the seasons not over 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!
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