Into the center of the earth – Gullfoss in Iceland

As you approach this majestic and somewhat sinister Gullfoss waterfall, the incredible rumbling sounds of this glacier water off in the distance warn you that your senses are about to be overloaded. I have always liked that sensation. I can remember as a child….if I heard music coming from a live band a few blocks away, I would have this urge to wander…like a mouse to the pied piper…to see what all the noise was about.

I have covered a lot of territory so far, and have barely scratched the surface of Iceland. I think if you would say that to the rental car I have been shredding this island with, you would here a small sign and a “come on, your kidding…..I’m beat!” From what I hear, this place is actually about the size of Kentucky. Hardly a place to completely explore in such a short time. I’ll be back….thats for sure!

So, what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?

I am heading out with the entire production team as well as the 150 or so odd guests to cover and document the day. From the program of the event., it is described as follows:

This one of a kind adventure will depart the hotel to Pingvellir National Park where you will be able to explore the continental drift between the North American and Eurasian plates. From there you will head off to witness the excitement of one of Iceland’s many active geysers, and then continue onto lunch overlooking the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall (the one pictures…hope to have better light this time). Following lunch, you will travel to Langjokull, the country’s second largest glacier, where you will go on an adventurous snowmobiling tour and truly experience the beauty of Iceland. The trip will conclude with an authentic simple Icelandic dinner in the small fishing village of Stokkseyri.

Guess its time to get some rest…its gonna be an awesome day!

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