Isolation in Iceland

Isolation in Iceland, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

To say that this trip was a once in a lifetime experience is kinda silly. Sure, I am grateful as hell that I was asked to be part of this incredible team for this event, but I just barely got a taste of this wonderful country. I am positive I will be back. There is so much to explore. Even though I barely scratched the surface, I have so many images to sort thru (over 50 gig actually). Those HDR’s take up some space!

Yeah, I’ll be back for sure. Next time, it’ll be a complete loop about the island. Glacier Bay, Puffins, Fiords, ….. man, there’s a list a mile long.

Its a bit late, so thats about it for now. More posts to follow for sure. I met a lot of great folks, was challenged quite a bit, learned a few things, and got to do a lot of thinking about some big decisions I have to make. All in all, a pretty heavy week….

On a completely different note….
I just finished dumping some memory cards while cleaning up the hotel room here and kinda packing up. Geeez, how is it I now travel with 2 fully packed bags and 2 carry ons for a 1 week trip!? A far cry from the ONE bag I used to drag about Europe a few years ago for 6 to 8 weeks at a clip! Guess this camera gear is kinda outta control…..

All right, nuff for now. Thanks for listening 🙂

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