Its all about the lighting – Setting the mood for a South Florida Wedding

“Its all about the lighting”

I can’t tell you how many times I have not only said that but heard my clients say that over the years. Of course there so much more to the event, but it’s a pretty important piece! I never get enough of hearing those “oohs and aahs” when our walking in lighting look is set, the house lights are all brought down, and the guests first arrive to witness the environment we here hired to illuminate for our clients. Of course, it takes amazing team, as without the decor, details, and structure…..what would we be lighting? An amazing team to say the least…..

Again, I mention it here from time to time, but a sincere thank you to all who have given my team at HyLite and I the opportunity to “Paint with Light” over the past 30 years. Its been quite a creative journey!

For me, this blog has always been more of a creative escape away from my career as a lighting designer and more of a free space to document and share my journey as a photographer and artist of other sorts. However, as our South Florida season starts to pick up, I will of course be sharing a few goodies I capture from the events here on the blog from time to time, so make sure and subscribe and check back for more! I am a little more active here than on our Event Lighting site, but here is a link to that as well 🙂

The Daily Image – Wireless LED’s and Palms Poolside

Wireless LED’s and other fun tools. Before these amazing tools were brought into our arsenal, this install would have taken hundreds of feet of cable as well as several additional man hours. And with a setup window of only 2 hours, it would have been almost impossible to pull off. As far as the image below, you can see a before and after example of the magic of what can be created with a few extra brackets and some time in the digital darkroom!

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For those checking it out in the feed, here is the Before and After

And that was just the rehearsal dinner! Here are a few images from main event. A special thanks to The Special Events Resource and Design Group for their amazing palette of decor, floral, and details for us to light as well as the first class staff at The Breakers Palm Beach!

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