Its what I do….

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.”
 – Sister Mary Lauretta

So, here we are again. Our first day of Market America’s event is off and running, the opening Q’s were hit to perfection, a few goose bumbs were felt at the right lighting ques, and now its time to listen to the next 3 days of education and motivation for the 25, 000 or so attendees. Just to backup a bit here, I realize that my average post is usually an HDR or travel image with some lame or half lame story about the location and the photo process. LOL! When not passionately exploring the world and all it has to offer however, I find myself running a special event lighting company called Hy-Lite Productions. For the most part, it can be quite similar to photography and digital imaging….a chance to “Paint with light.” As I type this however, I am staring at the stage I am lighting and wondering why I decided to paint the set in front of me now (in que 6) to look like a bag of Skittles! Must have been last nights late night of programming 🙂 ……. Boy, I gotta get outta this que soon!

Anyway, until I get a chance to post some new shots from the event here in Greensboro, here are a few from Miami a few months ago….


One more thing…..I found this link of the wrap up video from the event as well. Kinda give you a better picture of the scale of this event!

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