Just before the guests arrived

These are a few images from my event this weekend. Just a little get together for a young man and a few of his close buddies! It was an urban theme in the Harriet at Cityplace. The DJ was rockin’ and it felt good to be groovin’ with beat of the music at the lighting console. Its been a while since I worked with my crew on an event locally as most of my recent work has taken me out of town. Sarah and Alan rocked and were a pleasure to work with. Thanks you 2!
As you can see, there was a table of treats for the lucky young guests to enjoy. I gotta tell you, I was quite impressed with the restraint of these kids. They didn’t attack the candy like I had anticipated. The security guards at the end of the night however, quite a different story altogether! It was as if they had never seen food at all before. That is of course, if you consider candy a food! They quite literally attacked this incredible art-piece like a pack of rabid wolves. This repulsive display of gluttony continued till not a spec of sugar was left. There “swine like” motions of scooping and hoarding handfuls of candy….stuffing wads in jacket pockets, bags, and containers….was a vile commotion for most anyone to witness. Makes you wonder what exactly was being secured as these guards slopped at the candy troff like wild pigs!
Although this was an incredible evening for the guests and a good time seemed to be had by all, it was for me quite a sad experience to watch this gorge fest. In the events industry, it is ultimately up to all of us vendors to assist in creating a magical evening for our clients. We are all on stage from before the first guest arrives until the last guest leaves. If anyone of us violates this unwritten code, then the magic is shattered for the guests….no matter how few there are left at the end of the night. The house lights never come up, the tables should never be broken down, and the band gear should never be struck until the event is over and the last guest has left……that is the way I was brought into this industry. When I see otherwise, my stomach turns. The guests are never supposed to see this as the magic is then revealed. I am sure that some of the guest were absolutely appalled as they attempted to grab a little treat from the candy table before they left. They should have never had to be in the company of this pack of ignorant hogs. If that was the last vision of this fabulous night for any of these guest, than that is quite sad!
Just my thoughts……….

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