Just before the sky’s opened up over Reykjavik

About 2 seconds after the image here was captured, like outta no where…..instant waterage. (My gosh Mike, what kinda sentence is that, yikes!)

Actually, I’m sure that it wasn’t really “outta no where – am I spelling that wrong?.” There’s no real telling where my head is whilst in hot pursuit of a cool HDR setup.

On a completely different note, I was lucky to have one of my images chosen for a travel book showcasing the Palm Beach County area. Front Page of the book! Kinda cool. I saw a mock up and it looks awesome! They may use an image on the back of the book as well.

On a completely different unrelated other note (there he goes again!)….

I get alot of email about how I finish off my images. First off, I welcome those. I know when I was learning, there were alot of people I looked up to, learned from, and cherished the mentoring that I received. With that in mind, I hope to ramp up my site soon with a new look and a little bit of a tutorial section, perhaps with videos as well. Can’t promise when as I have a few irons in the fire, but stay tuned for that.

More on all of this later 🙂

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