Just stopped for a click or 50

I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to create with this scene, and well, this is not really it. Close though. So often, while working in the digital darkroom and especially in HDR, there is an edge we approach. We push those pixels right up to the edge, and normally hang out there. Its safe there, but yet we can see the dangerous slope just over the ridge. Sometimes we jump and take a leap of faith, hoping that we land softly and take those pixels with us, and other times…….

good lord, what are you rambling on about Mike! Your making no sense at all…….Geeez wizz!

Yeah, your right. Time to turn in for the night…….anyway LOL

Images to follow this weekend? Hopefully some shots from 2 events we are lighting here in Palm Beach. Gnite 🙂

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