Keeping focus

Sometimes, I need to step back and realize what I (we) have accomplished. Sure, this image was from a few months ago, but its a good reminder for me. We have cranked out some incredible work over the years, and I frequently loose focus of that. It’s times like now that I need that mental reinforcement to get through a challenge.

Tomorrow, we have a couple of load-ins. That means that we have to surgically split our team up. Normally, this would not be a challenge, but I have a strong feeling that the train wreck we are about to encounter on one of these events tomorrow would have really benefitted by having the whole team there. You see, we have done quick load-ins and turnovers many times before. I hate them and the stress that goes with em’……but we’ve done em’.

This event I am speaking about has us pre-rigging some of the lighting this evening. The train started to jump that track about an hour ago when I was informed by the production manager that we have to delay the load in by 3 hours and by the way, we can’t rig in the whole room. In fact, now we can’t access one 3rd of the room till tomorrow at noon!

Let’s talk about tomorrow shall we? At 12 noon, trucks from audio, lighting, floral, draping, video, staging…….all trying to load in at the same time! Fifty or so tables, staging, name entertainment, decor, centerpieces, food service,……..yeah, could be a cluster %&^(*&%^&!!!

Don’t expect any pictures…….actually, maybe one. I’ll take it from the ambulance as I am making my way to the emergency room just before doors!

This should be good…………….

Focus Mike, relax, think positive!

All right, I am positive it’s gonna be a cluster &^%&^%#…..zat better?

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