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Why is it always those little details that end up taking the most time, causing you the most grief, and to be honest with you….don’t really mean all that much in the big picture of life?

Over the last couple of posts, I have been messing around with the built in galleries here in my ProPhoto WordPress theme. I LOVE how they look on the blog, but can’t stand what happens in the feed burner feed. So here’s the deal… If I create a gallery like the one below, (incidentally, my daily image is the main one….taken from an event we lit at the Breakers last season)….wait a minute…..what kind of sentence is this anyway? Lets start again….

So I create a gallery with a large image and then the 5 little thumbnails below. Perfect. Looks great and views well in the preview post I test with. Also works on the mobile feed (I think), so we are good. So the next morning, I always receive an email as I have also subscribed to the feed burner email that gets automatically generated to anyone that subscribes (thank you to all of you as well!), but as I look at it and read through it, the gallery gets displayed as a long list of “run on” images without even a space between them. Sloppy and kind of ugly looking.

So I went into feed burners back end for my feed and tinkered with a few things, but I don’t think I fixed the problem at all.

A small detail that I should just forget about? Well, I have exchanged several emails with support as well as spent a couple hours searching the google rabbit hole, so yeah, I guess its time to move on. Bigger fish….time to move on.

I’m open to suggestions though!

Oh….and lets not mention the 4 follow up emails I had send out to Facebook telling them that the I did in fact have the rights to use the music I purchased from Animoto for the videos I uploaded tonight. Having said that, I believe I had that challenge when I originally uploaded them to YouTube. Animoto is AMAZING for creating slick slide shows, but I’m not sure why some of these sites “Flag” the music upon upload as they claim it is royalty free. Again, time to move on to other opportunities.

I’ve been looking at a few other music sites lately for these slide shows as well as my time-lapse work. I’ll share a few links and recommendations in a future post very soon!

Till then here are a couple of videos I was able to create with Animoto!





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