Lighting from the Maybelline Event – Day 1 after the sun went down

Once the sun decided to get its overpowering ball of lumens out of our way, it was time for the magic of theatrical lighting to take over. There is always that moment, the moment when it starts to get a bit dark, the guests are at the event, and its way too late to bring the ladders out. Its always a little bit of a relief when it all comes together.


As you might be able to see, there are a few scattered umbrellas about. That California weather can change on a dime…and it did. A weee bit of a drizzle never ruins a good party though, especially when the hotel jumps in and appears with table umbrellas from what seemed like out of nowhere. Like a finely rehearsed ballet of sorts, within seconds they were randomly placed. Nice job!


I couldn’t resist shooting this upper pool again as the moonlight painted its wonderful blue hue about the area. (Alright, the moon was totally hidden by the clouds, but I couldn’t figure out what to wright here!) Sounded good though didn’t it? Maybe? Just a little?

Forget it…..onward….


Here is another shot of the runway effect design created by the one and only Bruce Sutka.

So, after this opening event, it was time for the setup for Tuesday nights event. The Brazillian Theme was designed to fit beautifully in the incredible arrival courtyard of the hotel, but as luck would have it, an unusual California bad weather spell cast its ugly face onto the evening. More from that setup tomorrow.

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The Team:

Decor and Production        Sutra Productions International
Lighting Design                    HyLite
The Venue                              The Bacarra Resort

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