Lighting from the Maybelline Event – Day 1

First off, welcome back or perhaps….thanks for stumbling by. I know, it can get a bit confusing around here (on this blog I mean). Of course, I started it as a sort of diary of my exploration through HDR, travel, and event lighting photography and after 3 years or so, nothings changed. From day to day, there is no telling what I might ramble on about. Just a self absorbed cocophony of semi useless data, visuals, and philosophical meanderings….but yet I persist.

As you might notice though, I have been toying with a few video ideas lately. Not sure if this will become the beginnings of a whole new site but…..well, actually…..hoping that it will. As I do, I’ll keep you posted here. Till then, please bear with me as I test out these foreign waters 🙂

So, as you must also know, my carreer as a lighting director and designer has been kind enough to take me to some pretty cool locations. Actually, the cool clients that I work with have been kind enough to take me to some GREAT locations. Thanks for that!

Recently, my team and I were proud to be part of a program on the west coast in Santa Barbara, California. I posted an Iphone pic here and there that I shared with my Facebook peeps from the location we were at, but its time to update the blog here before the images get too buried. They tend to do that ya know….

The Bacarra Resort finds itself perched right on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean and it one of my favorite properties. The event was a 3 day meeting for Maybelline/Garnier and we were responsible for illumination a general session as well as 3 parties. I’ve always prided myself (pat on the back moment) as running a company that can cross the creative boundaries of corporate meeting lighting into party and special event lighting, and these events are always a great reminder of that.


The challenge?  In the 25 years I have been lighting these events, I have yet to be able to find that master dimmer….you know, the one for the sun. When the event starts an hour before sunset, experience (and a little luck) is all you have to go on. Focus in the full sunlight and hope for the best! As far as the the recipe? The usual…..Hylite the decor (wondering where that name came from right), introduce a bit of color to go with the branding of the evening, task light the bars and buffets, keep it clean and neat, and of course….make sure you don’t overload any circuits. Of course, to make sure the circuits don’t get overloaded, we tend to be a bit possesive of all the power when we are on an event. The power police so to speak. Nothing makes me curl up into a mad ball of nerves more than a last minute parade of 500 watt carving station lamps or specifically, in this case, a 3000 watt 220 volt pizza oven……

(sorry, digressed a bit here….)


The upper pool here was not used for the event, but it was a pretty cool space to photograph. Our event was in the background pool area, closer to the ocean. About an hour before the event, it seemed like we were in pretty good shape, so I decided to wander off and explore with my camera. That was of course, before that pizza oven rolled in…


I thought he was nuts when he first talked about it, but it turned out rather cool. As a decor and focal element to the evenings theme, Bruce Sutka designed a faux fashion show runway with the M as the backdrop and enlarged cut out models supported just at the surface of the water creating the illusion of a lucite runway over the pool. Pure genius!

Tomorrow, I’ll share a few images from this evening after the sun went down.

The Team:

Decor and Production        Sutra Productions International
Lighting Design                    HyLite
The Venue                              The Bacarra Resort

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