Lighting from the Maybelline Event – Day 2

I’ve never been a cubical worker. Never will be…..or at least thats part of the master plan.

One of the things that continues to attrack me to this world of special events is the variety of spaces we get to create our magic within. Sure, we have our share of hotel ballrooms we work in, but even those are unique spaces. Each one having its unique challenges and design opportunities from height to electrical to rigging to load-in to decor to a few dozen other things. But every once in a while, we are faced with a truly unique space in which to play.

The plan was to use the hotels main entrance courtyard with this very cool fountain (pictures taken and processed with the iphone!) and create a Brazilian themed event. Place’ de la Fiesta! (ok, made that up, but it sounded good)


So, as luck would have it, the little drizzle we had experienced from last nights event was predicted to be a little bit more than a drizzle. A 90% chance of rain is not really a great hand to play against, even though the space was stunning!. Kind of a shame as we had loaded in and focused most of our toys from the toy box the night before and it was looking pretty sweet.

So the back up plan it was………hotel ballroom, here we come.


The Team:

Decor and Production        Sutra Productions International
Lighting Design                    HyLite
The Venue                              The Bacarra Resort

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