Lighting from the Maybelline Event – Day 3

All right now…..time for our little wrap up from this event already.

Seems like a million years ago. The truck is already back in town, gears unloaded and put away, and we’ve lit a few more shows since then. Time to get caught up here!

I’ve always liked being part of the massive team that transforms a space. This evenings event was no exception. The simple process of placing a large square four sided bar in the middle of the room along with casual seating and strategically placed games and food stations totally transformed this ballroom space. Its often hard to remember the space being used for meetings not a few hours before.

The transformation and transition from the corporate meeting to the party……often with a time crunch. A ultra smooth transition that we understand very well at Hylite. Just one of the many reasons it makes sense to use a team that understands the intense needs of both.

Now that I mentioned that, we are in the planning stages of another one of these events that just happens to be taking place next week. Two hours to turn the room over! Sounds like a great place for a time-lapse right?

We’ll see 🙂


The Team:

Decor and Production          Sutra Productions International
Lighting Design                    HyLite
The Venue                               The Bacarra Resort

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