Lighting painting in the San Juan Islands – Racalling a great week at a DLWS workshop

I have a few images that have been hanging around waiting for their turn in the limelight. You know, it sounds kinda silly, but these little files have waited around very patiently and to be honest with ya, are getting a bit upset about the new images from Europe coming in and muscling their way to the front of the line. I mean, that one yesterday totally cut in line like a Frenchman at a taxi stand at Gare de Nord!

Yeah, I know, just a bit weird…….

So this little group of images…..

Taken last year about this time at a really great workshop I went to called the DLWS or Digital Landscape Workshop Series run by Moose Peterson and Laurie Excel. If you are ever considering a workshop for your photography, I highly recommend it. I link to it on my blog. What I liked most about the experience was that it forced me to look around at all the opportunities that are available. When given a little time to let it all in, its refreshing to find a world that you might have not had a chance to really see. I guess it kinda hit me as a parallel experience to this summer. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of the groove…..way out of the groove… realize that you were actually in a rut. It happens to alot of us, I know. When you feel that happening, give yourself a chance to step back, open your eyes to what you have, reevaluate your mission, refocus, set some new goals, and get back into the game.

A series of reflections


Waiting for a gig


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