Lightpainting in the park and Meet the Artist Michael Shainblum

“If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel and stare.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

To the average person, it might seem a bit strange that I took to time to actually head out into a National Park on my time off to light something. Or even to light ANYTHING! Isn’t that what I was taking a break from?  Having lit special events for over 25 years, I guess it just seems like a natural progression for me I guess.

I have been studying Ben Willmore’s and Dave Blacks techniques for a while and was looking forward to testing out a few new techniques (at least for me) while I was out exploring Utah. With a few dozen pars and my HyLite team, this area would have been an amazing canvas to paint with light! This nights creation however was going to be a little less stressful. One without the challenges, limitations, and budget allowance for truck parking, crew meals, miles of cable, electrical generators, and lots of heavy stuff. Just me, a hike in Arches National Park, a 2 million candle power flashlight, and the Nikon. Simple….

The Daily Image – Light Painting in the Park

Sometimes its fun to see things in a new light….

Light painting in the park

Inspiration comes from many sources. I often talk a lot here on the blog on how important I feel about taking the time to creatively express and share your gifts with the world. It’s with that thought and desire that I personally continue to study, follow, and appreciate others that are out there sharing their passion and art with the world. This weeks artist, Michael Shainblum is one of those.

Meet the Artist – Michael Shainblum

I have been following Michael’s work for a while now, especially since I have gotten a little deeper into time-lapse, motion control, and night time photography. His passion for the art is evident in his work and really shows in his art.

Direct from his own “About” page, here is a little insight into what he is about…

“Ever since I can remember I wanted to be an artist. Not necessarily a photographer or a filmmaker or a director, just an artist. I have a drive to create and a passion to show the world through my eyes.”

“I seek to capture the extraordinary and the unique. I find beauty in everything from the scale of our Galaxy to the way sunlight hits a glass of water from behind. In filmmaking and photography possibilities are endless. I strike with every project and photography to push the boundaries of what we think is achievable in these mediums.”

I am sure you will agree that he is indeed an amazing artist. I can only hope that as I venture deeper into the craft, my moving images will be half as amazing as his!

Mirror City Timelapse from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

EXISTENCE A TIMELAPSE PROJECT from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.


A few more places to follow and find more creations from Michael Shainblum





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