Lightpainting in Toronto

“Every artist must evolve from what he has been taught to what he can call his own true style.” – Hap Hagwood

I have NO idea who that cat is, but I like the message.

So I missed last nights post, but I did upload the photo. Uploaded it, enjoyed a complete “writers block” induced stare at the screen, waited a few minutes, then closed the laptop.

So here we are 12 hours later.

So just a couple of quick things….

First, I mentioned yesterday that I FINALLY got a plug-in working on the blog. You can see the post here. I have been seeing this plugin used on a few other sites lately and really like it. I hope not to overuse it, but I am thinking about using it in another possible weekly post. I rarely post the before images or the process that I go through to create my work, so this might be kinda fun to do once in a while. I am also looking forward to creating some of these for my event lighting business as we work hard to totally transform rooms and events with lighting and this would be a great tool to share the transformation. Incidentally, I noticed that the slider effect works on my iPad but not the iPhone or the feed burner email that gets sent out with my post updates, so Ill always put a link to the post at the bottom of the image.

Second, I have been experimenting a little with a few other ways to get more tonal range out of images and using the 32 bit process with bridge and photoshop is one of those. I’ll share more as the process evolves, so make sure and check back here…..especially on Tuesdays for “Quick tips.”  Of course, you can always subscribe here as well…..My YouTube Channel


The Daily Image – Painting with Light in Toronto

One of the gifts I have received throughout my career as an event lighting designer is the opportunity to travel to some amazing places. Not all my events require 2 semi tractors full of gear, months of planning, and 2 dozen stage hands, but the process is still the same. The first thing I thought when seeing the space for the first time was “Wow, those chandeliers look like they would look amazing if we lit them from the sides!” In fact, tossing a few lumens from a small handful of programable lights was all it took to animate them and have them come to life. A great scenic addition to the simple set in this elegant space!


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