Lightpainting with Lightroom and another Timelapse from the Balcony

Again, the titles of some of these posts are quite lame…..I know….

So I’ve been working a bit more with some of the newer tools in Lightroom 5. I have been inspired a bit from PhotoSerge (I mentioned him and his work here). I’ve known about the adjustment brush in Lightroom for a while, but the newer gradient tools and adjustable radial brushes allow for more of an intuitive approach to “painting with light” into your images.  I have also upgraded to a newer and smaller Intuos tablet and am LOVING it. More on that in a later post soon.

So the image right below is yet ANOTHER simple image from the D800 shot right from the balcony. Lazy photography, but still. The second image is basically right out of the camera with no adjustments.

HDR processing is fun and still a huge part of what I love to do, but its nice to just make a few quick fader moves in Lightroom, dabble some pools of light with the radial brushes, finish off in ColorFX Pro, and be done with it!

I’ll walk thru the process in a quick tip Tuesday video soon!

In the Clouds


_DSC4964Not sure if I ever shared this one with you yet, but here is a short little clip of a few time-lapse captured taken from the same location. More on that soon as well. Enjoy 🙂
A week of sunrises in Timelapse from Michael Steighner on Vimeo.

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