Listening for the Ice to Crack

“You know its cold outside when you go outside and its cold.” – said someone (I guess)

So I’ve got a pile of images I have yet to process from this trip, but I’ll save a more detailed post for another day soon.

I jostled into position to capture this view in hopes that the 2 other explorers would stay just out of frame and behind this monster column of water as the D800 fired off a bracket sequence. There were so many people out here mid day (record numbers flocked to this amazing place year!) that it was hard to escape the wandering bodies waddling around the place. I say waddle as thats what we all looked like, bundled up and trying to keep from slipping about the ice.

The trick of course (at least one of them) is to dress warm, have some patience, and hang out there till the herd starts to thin out. Just as the sun starts to hit the horizon is when that seemed to happen. The temperature dropped a few more degrees and it then became deafeningly quiet….enough to clearly hear the ice cracking and adjusting all around me.

Kinda spooky actually!

Listening for the ice to crack-3

Just another quick note about the processing for those that read the blog for that kinda stuff….

I’ve been processing a lot lately with the HDRfx2 plugin from Nik (now owned by google). I kinda like the tone mapping like I am getting out of that program. Seems like its easier to get a “Non Photomatix” look and a more “realistic” version of the bracket.

What do you think?

I’ll share a bit more in a future post and video soon.

(Man, I have a lot of videos I want to do!)

More on all this soon!

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