Litli Geysir in Iceland – and a little tip for shooting fireworks tomorrow

Well, here we are…..the end of the week (alright, its actually Saturday) and the end of my HDR free post series. I end it, of course, with an HDR!

Funny, when I was stumbling around to get this shot, I kinda took a little double take at the spelling, till I remembered where I was. Nothing like traversing the countryside of Iceland whilst looking at a map with towns and roads with names like Vorsabaejarhjaleiga, Gegnisholapartur, and Ragnheioarstaoir. You think I’m kidding, check out this roadsign I had to figure out…..…

So tomorrow, some of you in the states might be heading out with the rig in hopes of capturing that incredible fireworks image you always wanted to get. Well, as taken from Scott Kelbys post, here are a few tips:

1. Use a tripod – kind of given there, but just in case you were wondering.

2. A couple of lenses might be nice. A wide angle for establishing the location and a 200mm for some close up details.

3. Click it on over to manual. Trust me on this one.

4. Shutter speed to about 4 seconds.

5. Aperture to about f11.

6. Use a cable release.

This should give you nice sharpness with the aperture and a nice bit of light trail with the shutter speed. Try a few shots and if its over exposed, try speeding up the shutter speed to about 3 seconds.

Bracket a few, be safe, and enjoy your 4th!

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