Looking for life in #DeathValley

Hot…..man it was hot!

I’m sure I’ll make it back there someday. I HAVE to. Not to many images to work on from that trip thru the desert. Could have been that sweltering almost maddening air just outside of the air conditioned car. (man, I am glad I didn’t breakdown now that I think of it!) Yeah….not my usual count of over a thousand clicks, but there might be a few more Ill work on someday.

Life.....in death valley

And as far as that next trip out there….I’m thinking end of August might not be the best time to plan it. Just saying’.

Kinda like this sort of “moonlike” shot I DID get at one of the pull offs. Pretty sure I used a telephoto to kind of compress the scene. Fun sort of crystalline colors now that I really look at it. Again, I am sure I missed a lot, bit that is what follow up trips are all about.

Someday 🙂

A quick update….after I posted this!

Just realized I already posted this one above on a previous blog entry. Whoops! Not sure how I messed that one up…

Ill find another one in a minute for ya…..


Here ya go. Taken at the dunes area just as the sun was starting to enhance the texture of this ever changing area. Would have loved to have stayed here and studied the amazing light that was ever changing, but there was no room at the in. Can’t believe this place sells out in the middle of the summer!

As always….more tomorrow 🙂



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