Looking to the west for color – West Palm Beach, FL

First off, I sometimes have to remind myself of how lucky I am. As a photographer and lover of light and color, sunsets are one of lifes truley magical experiences. When I get the urge (which should be daily since I am so close), all I have to do is head down, grab the bike, cruise over the bridge to Palm Beaches Bike Path, and enjoy the show. Mind you, not every night is a symphony of luminous design, but its still worth the trip. To get out, clear the mind, and recharge the emotional batteries is essentially the goal. As the skys opened up this evening, however, I had a feeling that a nice scene was about to unfold, and boy was I right. At first, I was a little bit upset that I didn’t even have a camera to record the beauty that was about to unfold in the sky, but I quickly realized that the real moment for me was just to see it…..really see it. Sometimes when you are fiddling with the tripod, lenses, knobs, and all that ghack, you fail to really get pulled into the moment. So thats what I did.

This image, however, was from another one of those moments…when I was fiddling about with the gear. Enjoy 🙂

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