Low tide at Kennebunkport, Maine

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

My trek down around the coast of Maine was just like that. The only thing that was a given was my entry point and exit time from this state. The rest was up to the wind. I ended up in this cool little town by chance. Actually, the name looked kinda fun on the map. I said it to myself a couple of times. Kennebunkport…..Kennebunkport….Kennebunkport……..kind of a kooky name! Sure, sounds like a fun name…..must be a cool place…..and just then, I made a sharp turn and headed in to do a little exploring.

I took this shot from the backside of a few of the shops selling paintings, carvings, and other artwork from the local artisans. Although the front facades were a little more polished in appearance, I kinda liked the worn out and grungy feel of the dock area. A great place to capture for an HDR shot!

 An update on the gallery……

So, here we are with an update on the gallery nonsense. I kinda like this one, although the gray side is a bit weird on the left. I guess its for a title page. There are a couple of other skins that work with it as well. You can mouse over the page, click, and turn it like a book. Kind of fun in a novelty kinda way. Not sure why the name of it keeps showing up. I guess it might be a demo thang’…hmmmmm. I’ll consider this a test for now. Any cool gallery plugins you recommend I test out?

More on this little experiment soon, I am quite sure!

[fgallery id=3 w=800 h=385 t=0 title=”MA 2011″]

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