“I like the rain. It washes memories off the sidewalk of life.”  – Woody Allen, Manhattan

I was actually looking forward to the rain that was about to wash over this amazing city on a late Friday evening. After a nice springtime shower, cities like New York come alive with vibrant reflections for not only the photographer, but anyone who takes the time to enjoy this display of vibrant color.

I was blessed to have a few hours to absorb the show 🙂

I shot this one while exploring a few places that I have never seen in the city with a close friend of mine that lives up there. Always nice to have a local to show you all of the “insider” spots. We ended a great day of exploring at the boardwalk overlooking lower Manhattan. While this final location of the day (in Brooklyn) can hardly be described as an “insider” spot, after visiting the city over a couple dozen times in my life, I had never actually made it there.

A great end to a great day 🙂

FInding the Skyline

Although I captured several brackets for future HDR creations later, I changed up the workflow a bit for this one. For the video below in fact, I share a few more of these. All were processed with a few simple tweaks in Lightroom from single raw files. Lots of details and light range in those raw files!

Light….I love chasing it 🙂


Or watch the video here!


And as always, thanks for stopping by!

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