Meet the Artist – Adam Elmakias

“Creative activity is not a superimposed, extraneous task against which the body, or brain protests, but an orchestration of … joyful doing.” – Gyorgy Kepes

So I’ve had my eye on the art that Adam shares ever since a few posts started popping up on Lindsey Stirling’s feed a couple of months ago. (remember, I shared a post about her here before). He was the photographer that was capturing some pretty amazing behind the scenes images of the talented Lindsey and here band while touring throughout the US. As is her style, she openly gives credit to all that are around here. Come to think of it, I think she has put a few other creatives on my radar as well. Thanks Lindsey 🙂

It really is pretty cool when people cross promote each other isn’t it?  One of the many beautiful things that has come out of this interconnected web we live in 🙂

Anyway, Adam Elemakias is a talented concert and musical artist photographer based in San Diego (although he is quite frequently on the road). He has a unique style and seems to be pretty good at infusing himself with the many bands, acts, and musical talent he travels with.

From my own observation, photographing people successfully is one part technique but more importantly, one part connection. I’m not sure how he does it, but from the images he shares, he seems to be about to break down those personal walls and really “connect” with the artist.

You can see it in his work!

As always, I shared a few other links to absorb his creative work and social shares below.


A little peak at Adam and what makes him tick…..

Or watch the video here!

For more from Adam and his gift, follow his posts and art on his website here, follow him on Twitter here, watch his updates on Facebook here, enjoy his Instagram posts here, read his tumbler posts here, or see more of his Youtube clips here!


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