Meet the artist – Anthony Bourdain

Hey folks!  On the road now for a couple of days lighting an event in O town…Orlando, FL….house of the Mouse…..Disney….

Crazy hours, but thats part of what we love about the biz! And when I say biz, I am referring to the world of special event lighting. Here is a quick link for more of that!

But its break time for me now.

Just about to pack it in for the night after a couple of very long days and realized that its meet the artist night!


Here’s a good one…Anthony Bourdain!

He’s on the radar tonight as his finale is on CNN for Parts Unkown. I have been a longtme fan of his since his amazing series of stories about his travel journeys on the Travel Channel with No Reservations. If you haven’t seen the art of Anthony yet, well,…… you might be hanging out in a cave. His brand is becoming mainstream as he is on CNN now, but if you still have not been exposed to his art, here is a short clip of some of the art he delivers to the world.

All right, its not short…but sometimes art takes a little while to unfold.

His team with Zero Point Zero Productions, Zak, Todd, all the producers…..these people are all par t of the art.

How cool to be able to create and share your passion with the world right?

I think so….

Here’s a quick video I posted a while back….before his CNN show, about a dream job of mine.

Funny that I even shared this, but hey, sounds pretty cool don’t ya think?

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