Meet the Artist – Devin Supertramp

Hey folks!

If you haven’t checked out this guys work yet, I think you are in for a real treat!

Meet the Artist – Devin Supertramp



 (I would love to give credit for this image, but I can’t find the creator! Its not mine though……)

His work originally came across my radar after watching a couple of Lindsey Stirling videos about a year or so ago and I have been a fan ever since. I also got to listen to a presentation he gave about a year ago at a show I was lighting for some folks in the advertising world. To say that he is passionate about what he does is definitely an understatement!

He has an amazing way of engaging the audience with slick camera work and great editing to ultimately create these unique clips of art. He is also great example of the “new creative” working in this social media driven world. Collaborating, sharing your tips, openly giving credit to the team……traits that can sometimes be hard to find in the competitive arts.

Take a few minutes and explore his world of motion and visual entertainment below!

Devin’s youtube channel (I still can’t believe some of these crazy stunts!)

Devin’s behind the scenes youtube channel (love this one!)

Devin’s website

Here is a short clip that is typical of the art he shares. Crazy isn’t it?! Also, a great clip about what makes him tick!


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