Meet the Artist – Julieanne Kost

So I’ve attended a few Photoshop World Conferences over the past couple of years. Its a great place to recharge those artistic batteries, make connections with others in the industry, and share tips and tricks with other creatives. One of those creatives I always look forward to hearing from is Julieanna Kost. For me, she has always stood out as a very engaging instructor for all things Adobe, but it wasn’t until I saw her presentation of her art at a late evening session that I realized what an amazing artist she is.

To create a unique look and style with the camera and its tools has always been one of the great challenges that the digital artist is faced with. She nails it! Every time one of her images pops up in my Instagram feed, I immediately know its one of hers without ever glancing at the name.

Its not often that an artist is gifted not only on the way they see the world and can share it, but is able to teach and present with such clarity, passion, and style.

She is definitely someone I look to for inspiration and thought some of my friends here might like to follow her as well!

Here is a collage of some of her unique pieces as well as a quick video of her sharing a few tips!

More links below the video, but if my RSS feed eliminates them (it does that sometimes after I embed a video!), then make sure and click back to the post on the website here to get them!



She share here work all over the place but her website here is a great place to start or her Instagram feed here is a close second! For tips and tricks, she shares them on here Adobe page here.

Make sure and check them out for a little inspiration. I’m heading back to here site after I hit publish on this post actually! I’ll see you over there  🙂


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